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By Jessica Selph



October 13, 2017

Laci Phillips

The 2017 Tigers: Austin Schaub, Brian Tapia, Levi Cole, Josh Stubbs, Vance Hemmingson, Justin Black, Kenny Grady, Nehemiah Dee, Mikey Phillips, Cody Smith, Cody Candelaria, Keaton Brooks, Tanner Brooks, Dylan Sewell, Zach Taylor, Orlando Valenzuela, Ohmry Secetaro, Elijah Lucero, Garrett Ortega, Javier Valenzuela, Darian Valdez, Dyllon Whitaker, Derek Jung, Sebastian McNeal, Brandon Ransom, Alex Parra, Dakota Walker, Kendal Reed, Josiah Griego, Austin Clay, Caleb Varzeas, Josh Curry, Hunter Medina, Hunter Riddick, Dayton Boone, Kaylee Madewell, Manny Talmantes, Isaac Lucero, Dominic Grady, DeAngelo Padilla, Alex Cruz, Ethan Elwood, Kaiden Vermersch, Jaxon Hathcock, Josiah Benally, Jared Hensley, Jordyn Garcia, Brandon Huntington, Jared O'Toole, Checotah Teasyatwho, Clifton Mariano, Josh Cowden, Logan Thorpe, Morrison Brown

Meet your 2017 Aztec Tigers football crew, a rowdy yet respectful group of young men prepared to take us all the way to State. Our boys began the season with small numbers but thoroughly turned their momentum by game four, which catapulted them from a dismal 0-4 record to 2-4 that will only continue to climb. The boys seem to have found a rythhm that works and the sports arena has noticed. Aztec football news has been featured on nearly every sports talk avenue in the Four Corners. Our last two games against homecoming rivals Espanola Sundevils and district opener Kirtland Central offered blowout numbers, dynamic plays and epic teamwork. Head coach Matthew Steinfieldt offers his perspective here, "Every week brings a new challenge, every game matters. Our boys know that because of our non-district record, every game is now a playoff game. As long as we win, there will be a next week."

We're on a winning streak here in Aztec and I can't wait to see where the remainder of the season takes us.


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