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October 13, 2017

Aztec and Flora Vista are a community, and as such share many things together. One thing that we share is that there are members of our community who go to bed hungry. It was saddening to find the scant resources in our community to help these families in need. The need is far greater than the resources available to help. I met some wonderful people this week. They are the ones here to help those who find themselves with no food.

The United Methodist Church is one of those places that offers help. Pastor Mike Stahl, along with the help from two amazing administrators Dorie Marshall and Caroline Smith, distribute food throughout the year to our community members that are in need. They can offer a variety of canned fruits and veggies, soups, canned or frozen meats, cereal, dried milk and more. They even can offer pet food if needed, because our furry friends must eat too. "We allow people to shop for themselves," says Pastor Mike. It adds dignity to an often otherwise undignified process. Occasionally the church gets donations of diapers and toiletries that are available as well. These types of donations are less frequent, but no less needed. The Methodist Church works with Echo to purchase food at a discounted rate, so monetary donations are also greatly appreciated. The only thing that is asked for when you have a need is that you can show that you are in fact a resident of Aztec or Flora Vista, as they focus on serving our local community.

The church is open from 8:00am to 1:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Whether you can leave a bag or two of groceries with them, or you need to take a bag or two with you, they will be happy to see you.

It is wonderful to be able to offer someone in need not a hand out, but a hand up, and at the Aztec Presbyterian Church that is what they do. It was a joy to meet with Pastor Michelle Goff. Her bright and bubbly personality will immediately put you at ease. Their space is a little more limited, but they are no less happy to help all those who need it. They offer a variety of canned fruits, veggies and meats to help fill in the gaps. You can reach them through their office Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. They have a monthly food drive every third Sunday to help stock their shelves, and anything at any time is appreciated.

Donations are needed every day throughout the year to help those locally that need it. There are additional programs that can help in Farmington, but many of our residents who need help have no way to get to Farmington. Please remember our local programs when you have a little extra to give. Donations can be left at the churches at any time, day or night.


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