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By Debbie Israel


Special Meeting of the School Board


October 6, 2017

The Aztec School Board held a special meeting on Sept. 28 to discuss implementation of night school for the Aztec school district.

Board members voted to approve the night school, which will be held at Vista Nueva High School, Monday through Friday, from 4 to 6 pm. The purpose of the extra hours will be for “credit recovery,” or to help students catch up on missing credits so they can graduate with their class. It was also noted during the meeting that this class is not an avenue to help students graduate early.

Students behind in their credits will be able to take a proficiency test to see what they need to do to complete a class and receive credit for it. Those enrolled will also be able to log in from home, the library, or from a smartphone, but would have to be present in the classroom to take the final test.

The Board approved a budget of $22,000 to run the class with three teachers. There will be a fee of $25 per student, but the board also said they didn’t want the cost to be a deterrent to those students who feel they can’t afford it, and will offer scholarships to help those in need. Rocky Torres, Principal at Vista Nueva, will oversee the program which will start Oct. 10 with an orientation. The first session will run through Dec. 14. There will be room for approximately 60 students at any given time.

Torres told Board members that Bloomfield, Farmington and Rio Rancho all use this program, called Edgenuity, successfully. He also said there are around 60 seniors at AHS and Vista Nueva that are currently not tracking to graduate, and this would help catch them up.


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