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October 6, 2017

Chase Morrison volunteered his time in Texas with Sagebrush Church members, representing Samaritan's Purse.

Our community is rich with local heroes. They come forward to help in many situations. Several people in our area traveled to Houston to help with the floods that the city suffered in late August as a result of Hurrican Harvey. We received stories of two of these brave gentlemen.

Immediately upon hearing that Samaritan's Purse was looking for volunteers to help cleanup the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Aztec High School graduate Chase Morrison, signed up through his church, Sagebrush, to volunteer. Chase and a team of 10 left on Saturday, September 2 and drove the 16 hours to Rockport, TX. After orientation, they began tearing out flooring and sheetrock from homes that had been under seven feet of water. Chase had to kill a few snakes, crawl in sewage-invested basements and repair roofs on homes. The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is like nothing he had ever witnessed before, he mother, Darla Morrison told us.

"There was a motorcycle lodged in the back of a billboard sign, large palm trees snapped in two like match sticks, and cars piled on top of one another from the receding water - it was like Armageddon," Chase said.

The closer they got to Houston, the longer the lines were at gas stations. The station they were at had twenty minutes of fuel remaining, he said.

When Chase returned home he went back to his normal work as an Electricians Helper at MW Electric in Aztec a different man, according to his mother. "He's very thankful to his bosses for allowing him to go help with Samaritan's Purse," commented Darla.

"It definitely has effected my life and made me thankful that I live in a country were we can all, in our own way, help each other when needed," Chase said.

Vince Moffitt volunteered in Houston as a member of Team Rubicon, a Veteran-based disaster response team

Sagebrush Church will be taking a crew of 20 people to Texas for cleanup as long as the need exists. While Chase would like to return again to Texas in January of 2018, he and a friend, have been invited to travel to Melbourne, Australia for three months to work with high school students and share Jesus with them.

Vince Moffitt, CEO of Basin Health Companies also traveled to the Houston area, with Team Rubicon. Previous to becoming CEO for The Basin Health Companies, Mr. Moffitt served as the director of field operations and incident management team chief for Team Rubicon. He continues to volunteer for Team Rubicon, a veteran-based disaster response team with members around the world.

About his time in Texas, Moffitt said, "It was a very emotional, stressful, but rewarding week. This was the very first Team Rubicon water rescue and the Harvey Response has become its largest operation yet."

He added, "I'd like to thank my team at Basin Coordinated Healthcare and Basin Home Health & Hospice for supporting me in taking the time to help in this important work."


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