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Aztec Karate Academy


October 6, 2017

Gillian Tull was the kicker who brought in the most donations during the contest at Aztec Karate Academy. She won the kick bag as her reward

Over one thousand kicks were thrown this weekend at Aztec Karate Academy during the first kick-a-thon. A total of $2,958.85 was raised to benefit IGW Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The funds from the kick-a-thon will go toward helping a local girl, whose name is Sydney, with her cancer treatment.

Head Instructor Travis Gillentine hopes to make this an annual event, and said, "We look forward to topping what we raised this year at next years kick-a-thon."

Prizes were given out to the three students who raised the most funds.

First place went to 11 year old Gillian Tull (pictured). Second place was taken by Josalynn Ferguson; and third was Jada Gonzales.

Gillentine added, "I am so proud of ALL my students for the hard work they put into this."


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