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October 6, 2017

In the United States, people are innocent until proven guilty. The people on this list have not had their day in court, and have not been convicted of the charges.

Sheridan Haskie, 26, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Appear

Rebecca Ben, 28, Bloomfield, Driving on a Suspended/Revoked

Brian Levi, 31, Midrock, Aggravated assault - 4th Degree Felony; Larceny of Property ($250 or less) - Petty

Lonnie Garcia, 31, Farmington, Aggravated Driving While Under the Influence of Liquor and/or Drugs (.16 or above)(2nd Offense)

Allison Wolff, 53, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Pay

Stoney Yazzie, 44, Bloomfield, BMC - Lewd or immoral acts

Jerome Martinez, 42, Bloomfield, BMC - Shoplifting; BMC - Trespassing

Steven Attson, 26, Farmington, Battery (household member)

Darren Belingachee, 33, Bloomfield, BMC - Drinking in public; Pedestrians on roadways; BMC - Posession of paraphernalia; BMC - Lewd or immoral acts; BMC - resisting or obstructing an officer

Nathaniel Wilson, 26, Bloomfield, BMC - Drinking in public; Pedestrians on roadways

Vanessa Perez, 31, Farmington, Battery against a household member - Misd

Isaac Arthur, 25, Farmington, Driving while license revoked (DWI Related); No proof of insurance; No Registration; Use or possession of drug paraphernalia - Misd

Sterling Wilson, 37, Nageezi, Battery (household member); Resisting, evading or obstructing an officer (Resisting); Probation Violation (Adult)

Phillip Thompson, 34, Bloomfield, Aggravated battery against a household member (GBH w/Deadly Weapon) - 3rd Degree Felony; Remand Order

Larry Wilson, 39, Nageezi, BMC - Posession of marijuana; BMC - Trespassing

Tana Hernandez, 34, Bloomfied, Embezzlement (over $2500 but not more than $20,000) - 3rd Degree Felony

Adam Valencia, 32, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Comply

Gilbert Roger, 41, Fruitland, BMC - Drinking in public

Herman Canuto, 62, Aztec, Parole Violation (Adult)

Jatrell Jim, 22, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Comply


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