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September 29, 2017

Lyndsay Castillo


Boston Music Studios now has new owners. Taylor and Cherise Dugger of Bloomfield purchased the studio from Boston Henke in mid-August. Henke, the founder and former owner sold her downtown studio to pursue new endeavors in Durango. The name of the studio has been changed to Downtown Fine Arts, but the location is the same at 109 S. Main Ave.

Cherise Dugger, who previously taught at the now closed Elite Dance in Bloomfield, comes from a background of dance and Liberal Arts education. Her husband, Taylor Dugger, is currently the marketing manager of The Mattress Outlet and has a background of business management and marketing. The Dugger's are excited and ambitious about the studio and have ideas and plans that include words such as encourage, excellence, confidence, and passion, in their mission statement. They hope to grow and expand the studio while getting to know the community and their "Studio family."

When asked what their mission statement meant to them, they replied, "We want people to come to the studio because we want everyone to have an opportunity to create and learn art whether it's through dance, painting, or playing an instrument." Cherise went on to explain, "We want to make positive and bigger influences while instilling a passion for the arts. We also want people to know that we aren't just an art studio. We give students an opportunity to learn self-discipline, basic life-skills, and relationship building in a comfortable environment."

While the Dugger's are passionate about their new plans, they are very family oriented and have a 6-month-old named Liam.


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