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By Debbie Israel


Sept. 26 meeting


September 29, 2017

Aztec City Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Sept. 26. The meeting was preceeded by a workshop to discuss City Code. All commissioners were present for the workshop and meeting.

Workshop: Discussion on City Code 14-3-7. The code states: It shall be unlawful for any person to leave outside any building or dwelling in the City any dilapidated furniture, appliances, machinery, equipment, building material, junk, or other items which are either wrecked, junked, dismantled or in inoperative condition, and which are not completely enclosed within a building or dwelling, or behind a privacy fence. All fences must be permitted and constructed as provided in Chapter 26 – Land Use. (Ord. 2012-409, eff. 2012-June-20)

It was noted during the meeting that there is a conflict between the City Code and Chapter 26, Land Use Regulations. Chapter 26 includes verbage for businesses in C-1 or C-2 zoning: Outdoor storage is not permitted in this district unless surrounded by a solid wall or fence between six to eight (6 to 8) feet in height.

Aztec Community Development Director Steven Saavedra asked commissioners for direction on the code: either leave it the way it is, change it or do away with it. Judge Carlton Gray was at the workshop and told commissioners that it’s hard to enforce the code as it is written, changes need to be made to the language to make the code enforceable.

Two business owners spoke during the workshop. Both of their businesses had been cited under the code. Candy Coury, owner of Packrats on E. Aztec Blvd., said she felt that the city isn’t enforcing the code across the board. “I’m riled up! If everyone was treated the same I wouldn’t be so upset!” Dale Greenwood, owner of Renovation Outlaws, also on the east end of town, said “I feel persecuted by the city ... I’d like to be included in the solution.”

Regular meeeting: All items voted on by commissioners were unanimous decisions.

Highlights included:

• Discussion about a Change Order for the reconstruction and paving on Western Dr. The item was pulled from the Consent Agenda for more discussion. Commissioners questioned the $13,203.80 Change Order. Public Works Director Bill Watson clarified that the charges were for moving a “hump” to provide proper drainage of the street.

• Discussion about FastTrack Communication, which intends to lease a portion of the city’s fiber optics in order to sell faster internet services to businesses in town. Commissioners approved the fee for Franchise Agreement, which allows FastTrack to use city’s public ways and right-of-ways. FastTrack will also pay a fee for attaching their equipment to city utility poles. This is a 15 year agreement, and fees will be charge for each pole that is utilized by FastTrack.

• During Citizen Input, several citizens chose to address commission about Sunday alcohol sales in the city limits. Jacqueline Fallon asked commissioners to include the item on the ballot to be voted on in March. Victor Snover echoed her sentiments, as did Alexis De La Cruz. Theresa McDaniel came to commissioners with a different issue and said her property is backed up to a mobile home park, and the trash dumpster is right outside her back yard, which causes trash to come onto her property. She asked if the dumpster could be moved to a different location.

• The only business item on the agenda was amendments to the personnal policy, and no action was taken. The item will be postponed until the next regular meeting.


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