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September 29, 2017

Students at Mosaic Academy performed skits based on books for their Living Library assignment

Mosaic Academy students performed little skits to bring books to life. The school staff hosted this event on August 30th at the Aztec Boys and Girls Club and referred to it as the Living Library.

All of the parents/guardians of the students were invited to the show. Nine multiage classes were each given an author or book to present.

"When the kindergarten through second grade students went up, their voice (volume) changed frequently," Brayden Smith, eighth grader, said. To add on, he explained that some Mosaic kids are shy and others really put themselves out there during their performance.

There was no particular order that the classes presented, but they all got to go up proudly and show what they had accomplished.

The students put their minds together to create something wonderful. Ms. Miranda Revesz' 3rd – 5th grade class did "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak; each student had their own part. Some students were the "Wild Things" and one student was the main character, Max. The background was very creative; it was one big piece of paper that folded in half. Two sides of the paper were reality, and the big side was Max's imagination when he went to where the "Wild Things" are. Almost all props were just made out of paper. It was very intuitive.

Ms. McKinnon's class did Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who." Ms. McKinnon, K-2 teacher, said "We have chosen Horton Hears a Who because Horton is the nicest 'person' that he would be a good inspiration for the younger kids. Maybe some older kids to grow up and be kind and respectful, too."

Students were excited to share their work.

"I think we did it just to do something fun," said Trenton Cupps, a third grader. Everybody clapped and cheered for us!"

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