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September 22, 2017

A few years ago, my life was further blessed by the introduction of two servant leaders. Needless to say, I was excited, figuring this could really cut down on working late, and my yardwork duties. Alas, no! At TALON servant leadership does not mean that we now have a servant to bring us coffee or donuts, help with landscaping, etc.

This form of servant leadership is a melding of selfless work ethic, with a vision of a better future, and the courage to fight for the vision, day in and day out. Both are an uncommon ethic today, even rare! The first part of this idea is that each of us has arrived with special gifts that are needed, and they do not come fully formed, requiring nurturing and development. And secondly, our purpose is to live the struggle to implement the understanding, developing and then applying the gifts for our community.

This week, the Aztec community is deeply saddened by the double loss of two community leaders who lived the traits of servant leadership.

Bruce Salisbury, Master Seargent, USAF-retired, author, columnist, veterans activist, and visionary passed away Monday this week. Bruce’s sharp humor and balanced approach graced the pages of The Aztec Local News (TALON), Stars and Stripes, and many other works for over fifty years. A humorous and outspoken supporter of the Aztec community, and of veteran causes everywhere, Bruce’s voice will be sorely missed. We are saddened by the loss of a solid writer, a fellow veteran, and a good friend.

On Wednesday, we lost Mrs. Rosalie Current, homemaker, grandmother, artist, and completely unique chicken humorist. Rosalie served her community with a bountiful spirit, blessing the people around her talents, with endless enthusiasm, and a helping hand. Over the years, Rosalie provided TALON readers with a steady stream of unique humor, a swirl and a flash of feathers and color, wrapping truth in a sweet joke. We are saddened by the loss of an artist, a valued community member and friend.

The departure of these two will surely leave the living world a slightly darker place, as it does our TALON pages. It is my earnest belief that the audiences in the hereafter are sharp enough to grasp what fine talents they have inherited this week at the welcome table.


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