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By Debbie Israel


Sept. 12 Meeting


September 15, 2017

The Aztec City Commission held their bi-weekly meeting on Sept. 12.

Mayor Pro Tem Sherri Sipe, and Commissioners Sheri Rogers, Austin Randall, and Katee McClure were all present at the meeting. Mayor Sally Burbridge was absent. All actions voted on during the meeting came with unanimous votes.

Highlights of commission actions:

Citizen Recognition: Commissioners recognized Alexis Chester for one year of volunteering at the Aztec Animal Shelter.

Police Department Ceremony: Chief Mike Heal announced the promotion of Officer Jerry Blake to Sergeant. Blake has been with the APD for 20 years. His wife was present to pin on his new badge.

Business Items: Commissioners approved the final adoption of new utility rates, including electric, water, wastewater and solid waste. The new rates will all go into effect on Oct. 1, 2017. More changes will be made at the Recycle Center to move toward single stream recycling with minimal sorting. City Manager Josh Ray said there had been only one comment on the new rates since the Intent to Adopt was passed.

Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2107-467 was also approved and pertains to cleaning up after your pets in the city. This ordinance will make it mandatory to clean up after your pets when they defecate in public places. Pet owners or caretakers are also responsible for cleaning up their private property to prevent “noxious smells or other health hazards.”


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