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September 8, 2017

The Aztec Museum Association has been hard at work preparing for this year's Founders Day. For over 30 years the Museum has hosted this annual event, and 2017 will be no different. For many years Founders' Day centered around celebrating the late 1800s and early 1900s when Aztec was just in its infancy. However, Aztec has grown well beyond its humble beginnings. Therefore, the Aztec Museum thought it prudent to celebrate the town's development by focusing on the 1960s for this year's Founders' Day.

The '60s brought unprecedented success and monumental change to our sleepy town. During this time the booming oil and gas industries brought in a record number of new families to the area, swelling Aztec's population by over 360%. The residents of Aztec worked hard to welcome these new families. New schools were built, and many of the traditional orchards and ranchlands were converted to mobile home parks to provide for Aztec's ever increasing numbers. Aztec residents weren't only making way for people, they were making way for progress. Several huge projects were completed during this year including Project Gasbuggy and the Navajo Dam Road which catapulted Aztec into national recognition culminating in the All American City award in 1963. The can-do spirit of Aztec in the 1960s is still with us today.

The Aztec Museum Association along with the City of Aztec has been hard at work improving the Museum and grounds. Volunteers and board members have donated their time and energy to creating new exhibits at the museum. Externally, the City of Aztec has worked tirelessly to stabilize the berm between the Aztec Museum and the San Juan County Historical Society buildings. The new construction also boasts a water control feature that will help protect the Museum's historic buildings and collections from flooding in the future. The Aztec Museum Association would like to invite you to join us on this Founders' Day on September 16th from 10 AM – 2 PM to celebrate the 1960s and highlight the hard won efforts of these organizations to preserve Aztec's history.


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