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August 25, 2017

Jacque Ritchie


What are your thoughts on regulating the number of boats allowed on the San Juan River?

Nicole Bridge - Most places are more strict about who's on the river, how many days they're on the river, so it doesn't get over-fished. I think people that live here, the residents, should have first dibs.

Tom Wright - I really don't think it's possible to regulate the number of boats, but they should adopt a courteous protocol with both drift boats and wade guides.

Do not disturb the water ... I probably get in three fights a year over that. Wild fish are spooky and if you disturb the water around them, they are gone.

Jacque Ritchie

Tom Wright

Chuy Cordova - This is a big spot for fishing, they come from all over the country. I understand pleasure boating and all, but there are places where there should not be kayaks and boats.

Paula Morris - I wouldn't have a clue about regulating boats. They should have a size limit on what fish you can keep.

John Hanson - The guys dragging boats think they are mightier than God. They go 70 mph through town.

John Zecca - I don't fish in the river much. I fish in the reservoir or in lakes, I don't see many boats on the river actually, but if it's a hassle for people on the river, then yeah, there should be regulations.


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