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City Commission Meeting, Aug. 22


August 25, 2017

Aztec's budget was approved by the State Department of Finance

The Aztec City Commission held their bi-weekly meeting Aug. 22 at City Hall.

Present were Mayor Sally Burbridge, and Commissioners Sheri Rogers, Austin Randall and Katee McClure. Mayor Pro-Tem Sherri Sipe was absent.

All actions came with unanimous votes.

Highlights of commission actions:

Update from Guzman Energy - Representatives from Guzman Energy came before commissioners and gave an update at the one year anniversary of Aztec's solar farm. They told commissioners that wind power could be a good investment for Aztec in the near future, because "New Mexico has world class wind."

FY18 Annual Final Budget - The FY18 Annual Final Budget has been approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance as of Aug. 11 (see photo on page 2). Commission is required to acknowledge this approval.

City Manager Employment Agreement - The new agreement with City Manager Josh Ray was approved for two years. The new contract contains a 1.3% cost of living increase, and will end on June 30, 2019. Ray will have an annual base salary of $110.669 plus benefits. He will also receive an annual vehicle allowance of $8,296, plus mileage reimbursement. The agreement provides that, in the event that he is terminated bu commissioners during this time period, he will receive severance pay equal to six months of his basic pay. His performance will also be reviewed by commissioners at least twice a year.

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) - The local infrastructure capital improvement plan is a plan that establishes planning priorities for anticipated projects. The submission of the ICIP to the NM Department of Finance is primarily for infrastructure projects that may seek legislative funding. Any project not listed on the plan will not be eligible to receive any funding from the state.

Final Adoption of Ordinance 2017-461 - This amendment establishes restrictions, standards and permit requirements for the use of shipping cargo containers in residential, commercial and industrial zones for storage. The proposed ordinance would allow the containers on industrial lots, provided they be screened from public view. Other commercial locations, zoned C-1 and C-2, would be limited to temporary uses of the containers, and would also provide for the screening from public view. The ordinance would not allow the containers in residential districts.

Citizens Input - Citizens input is limited to three minutes per person, and no action is taken by commissioners. Four citizens of Aztec chose to speak to commissioners at the meeting.

Ms Dale Greenwood, owner of Renovation Outlaws, a second hand store on E. Aztec Blvd., told commissioners she had received a letter in June from the Code Compliance Officer stating that she was violating a city code by "storing" things outside her business. She said she asked for a meeting with city staff at that time, and never heard back from anyone. On July 24, she received a criminal complaint to which she will have to appear in court for improper storage. "It's not storage, it's displays and items for sale," Ms. Greenwood said.

Ms Candy Coury, who owns Packrats, also a second hand store on E. Aztec Blvd., said she received a first letter about the improper storage issue, met with city staff and was told to build a fence, or "stack things neatly," which she thought she had done. She was given an Aug. 17 deadline to come into compliance. On Aug. 16, she also received a criminal complaint.

Both business owners again requested a meeting with city staff to discuss the issues.

Victor Snover told commissioners that he was at the last meeting and was very disappointed that they voted down the curb-side recycling. "I feel like, after listening, about 25% of residents currently recycle, yet we continue to make it less convenient for people to recycle," he said. He also noted that the switch to single stream recycling was a nice move.

Lee Burkett, an Aztec citizens who lives on Western Circle (Drive), came to commissioners with a complaint about dust on the street. The street has been torn up for at least 14 months as part of the sewer line that was put in, Burkett said. He told commissioners the dust was unhealthy and unacceptable. He requested that they at least water the dirt down to reduce the dust.


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