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August 18, 2017

Respectfully responding to Steven Carrillo’s Special Opinion in the August issue “A CONTRACT WITH NEW MEXICO.”

It may come as a surprise to many, but “We the People” already have a Contract with New Mexico. It’s titled: CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO.

Mr. Carrillo states that the core of our problem is “educational and economic development.” Mr. Carrillo also declares we are in “a state of emergency.” I agree! “The People” should wake up and take note of what has happened to their liberties!

Our Republic” is the highest form of government devised in human history, however we cannot remain ignorant. To preserve our republic requires the greatest of moral character, educational background and intellect. When neglected, it degenerates into the very form of government our founding fathers feared, “a socialized democracy” (a government run by a group of elite individuals and conducted by political feelings of the time). We are to be a Nation of Laws, not men or their political ambitions.

Mr. Carrillo indirectly acknowledges that government is the problem, yet suggests more government involvement in our economy, our lives and furtherance of socialized parenting of our children will solve the problems? The philosophy of Socialism agrees, however, Art. II, Sec.3 of our State Constitution absolutely disagrees!

Mr. Carrillo talks about “our” economy, “our” citizens and ‘our” children, however if “ours” means property of the government, Article II, Section 2, of our state “Constitution” has efficaciously been abolished!

God says: “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” So why have we turned our backs on the principles that this nation was founded upon? 

Simple ... Our founders never wanted our people to be “indoctrinated,” they intended our people to be educated! Educated, about their exclusive God given rights. Educated about their history, their heritage and their ability to think and reason for themselves, the fortitude to comprehend right from wrong and to be productive members of society. Educated about their rights and that this government (including the courts) was instituted solely to protect and defend those rights!

These principles are not taught in our educational system. A system that progressively cries out for more and more money from the public treasury and yet is never satisfied? The presumption that somehow it’s the people’s fault that the State is in such dire need is a falsehood. Giving the government more control and more tax payer dollars only adds to the problems because government will never willingly give up its lust for more money or more power over the lives of the people.

Currently, “safety and environmentalism” is the government’s latest play on words in an effort to scare a somewhat gullible public into compliance and quietly surrendering their liberties.

It only takes common sense to see that when government creates an emergency (supposedly for the good of the public) it’s progressively promoted in order to create a source of revenue (ie: hidden taxes) and control over the lives and property of the people!

If we truly want economic development, get the government out of the lives of “We the People” and promote ECONOMIC LIBERTY, (economic and political policies allowing supply and demand to govern the free system) with minimum governmental intervention. As President Herbert Hoover stated, we can revive the free enterprise that produced wealth and freedom, or continue on the path to collectivism that inexorably tended toward political slavery and economic deprivation.

The general welfare theory was never intended to be used to rob the individual of his or her property (labors) in the name of the collective good. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” 

“NEW MEXICARE?” Mr. Carrillo suggests a program like the Canadian’s socialized system? I find it interesting that our trusted congress, state legislators, governors, members of the Board of Education and the insurance companies failed to inform the American people that they were not actually mandated to drop their existing healthcare plans and could opt out of the ACA (Obamacare). Reference: SEC. 1555 ACA [42 U.S.C. 18115]: FREEDOM NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN FEDERAL HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAMS.

Why? There is no constitutional authority for a National Healthcare System. True the states could propose such an option but there is no state constitutional authority to “force’ New Mexican’s to purchase anything. That’s why we call it the “blessings of liberty!”

Sadly our government has breached that “contract” and engaged in enough “acts” already. Our state Constitution is not broken.! We simply need to remove any and all public officials who refuse to abide by “our laws” and the original “contract” - “We the People” were guaranteed.

Wm. H. Gilbert, Aztec


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