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August 18, 2017

Marie Merrick

Hailey's first job as a home owner is to serve the "Welcome home Hailey" cake. Construction Supervisor, Greg Anderson, gets his share

"Tumbleweed Hill," (really just a one lot spot) has been cleared, leveled and a brand new house with a spectacular view sits atop it. The foundation for Hailey Tafoya's house was poured on March 8th. One week later, Greg Anderson's "A-team" started the framing. For the next one hundred and fifty–four days, Hailey watched the building evolve into her three bedroom, two bath home.

On August 10th, all the volunteers packed up their tools, locked the doors and went home to their families. The house was done. Dedication day came on Saturday, August 12th. Family, friends, coworkers, volunteers, members of the Habitat For Humanity Board, Quilters group, and church members came together to celebrate a new beginning for the Tafoya family.

Hailey recalls, "If you've read the newspapers, you know what a rough time I had before getting this home, then the clouds opened up, the sun shined through and gave us this dream come true."

Every week HFH Board member and Treasurer, Frank Hayes, sent out three hundred emails requesting volunteers, then went to the build site, put on his work gloves and got busy. Grinning, he says, "The good news is I send out emails a lot better than I grout floors." As a result of all those emails, there have been as many as eighteen volunteers in one day.

Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit organization. Even so, people seldom realize how much the volunteer's personal family members add to the blend. Pamela Anderson, for one example, chose to give up spending quality time with her husband, Greg, (Construction Supervisor), every day that it took to build Hailey's house. All of the volunteers who have worked on any Habitat house have had family members who do the same. Happily, this year's HFH house took only five months and a few days from start to finish.

When asked if he has mixed emotions now that the house is finished, Greg replies, "Bitter sweet, you know, I'm happy Hailey has her house." He reflects silently a moment, then adds, "This adventure's over, waiting for the next." He chuckles and says, "Need a little break."

Hailey and her family came to the build site as often as they could to barbeque hot dogs and hamburgers for the volunteers. She watched them hammering, sawing, painting, shivering throughout the cold winter and sweating in the hot summer. "I'm so pleased to be getting this home and so pleased with the hard work of everyone."

March 10th the house was finished. The sun dawned beautifully on March 12th, the day of the dedication. Habitat For Humanity's Vice President, Jim McBee served as Master of Ceremony, reminding everyone, "Today is exciting for us and even more exciting for Hailey." He continued by acknowledging volunteers, donors and thanking them for their time, dedication and skills in completing a quality built home in a record breaking time for the San Juan area.

Donna Hunter, long standing member of QUILTERS (Quilters United In Love To Share), presented Hailey with four handmade quilts-one for her, one for each of her children and one for the house.

Thirty-one heads bent in shared prayer as Retired Presbyterian Pastor, Frank Hayes, began the dedication of the house. Retired United Methodist Pastor, Joe Morris, joined in with a second blessing.

Already Habitat For Humanity is starting to make plans for their next fund raiser, a golf tournament held at Pinon Hills on September 16th.

Hailey advises others "to have faith, be strong and never give up on your dreams. If you are willing to work hard and be consistent with your plans for the future, all is possible."


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