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August 18, 2017

David Edward Albright

Mr. Kirk Carpenter, Superintendent of Aztec Schools, welcoming his staff before the school year started

Last Thursday morning Aztec Municipals Schools opened their annual Back to School Convocation with a rousing performance by the Imagine Band. The band, including eleven students and three staff, rocked the Multi-Purpose room at Aztec High School for about thirty minutes.

Aztec High Student Council performers, including Rileigh Nyce, Josh Carrillo, Alex Stalcup, Bianca Martinez, Hannah Tillman and Tyler Shanahan performed an amusing version of the famous Abbott and Costello skit "Who's on First," to accent the event's theme of Let's Hit Learning Out of the Ballpark. They followed up with a songfest of sing-alongs and got the packed room of about 400 up and moving.

The Covocation is a long-running tradition in Aztec. Kirk Carpenter, Aztec Municipal Schools Superintendent said, "It has gone on for as long as I have been in the district and that is 28 years, but I believe it went on well before that as well."

Carpenter's PowerPoint presentation followed and emphsized relationships. He said, "If we can know our students, their stories and reach them, we can change their learning and our student achievement. Also, everyone owns learning. We need to know our students". He also stressed to the staff that "It takes everyone to reach our kids and we have to be on our game everyday. We never know when our kids will need us most."

Aztec has kept the motto, "All In, All the Time" for several years. Carpenter, who's been in the top leadership position for eight years, said, "I love what I do and I am blessed to do this job. We are one big family and I get to have a global view of all the hard work that takes place in this district to improve learning. Education has changed incredibly since I came into this district and so have so many of the regulations. Our staff, from those that work on the grounds to those that pick up our students and bring them to school, understand that their primary role is to improve learning and we are embedding that culture across our district one site, one school, one classroom, one teacher, one student at a time."

David Edward Albright

AHS Student Council

As for the most challenging aspects of his job, Mr. Carpenter stated, "Funding is getting more difficult because we are one of the lowest per-pupil funded districts in the state. We are facing rising costs and it is hard to do some of the things we need to do for our students and staff without efficient funding. We have also had a lot of reforms done to us, instead of for us, and that is really because they were implemented poorly. This is not to say they were not good reforms, but they were put in without the input of those on the ground floor."

He concluded stating, "I just want to thank the community for their support and let them know that they can contact me with concerns or issues they have and ideas on how we can continue to improve the education for our students in this great community."


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