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By Debbie Israel



August 11, 2017

Aztec City Commissioners voted on utility rates when they met on Aug. 8. The rates have been studied for the past months, and several public meetings were held to get public input.

Each of the four utilities was listed as a separate item on the meeting agenda, and the electricity rates drew the most discussion.

Delaine George, Director of Aztec’s

Utility office, said about the new proposed rates, “For most customers, it (the charge for electricity) will go down a little bit.” Commissioner Sheri Rogers agreed, saying, “The majority of users are going to see a reduction.”

Electricity for the City of Aztec’s residential customers will be billed a base charge of $12.25, plus a usage charge that will change with more usage. There is also a “customer charge” of $6.44 built in. The credits that utility customers have been seeing on their monthly bills will no longer show up, as those amounts have been figured into the final rates.

Although electric rates will go down, the other three utilities will see increases.

Rates for water will see an increase of $5.65 per month across the board for all customers; Waste water rates will increase by $11.45 per month to all customers; and Solid Waste will increase by $2.45 per month.

Commissioners also voted to continue using the recycling center that is operated near the library, and not add in curbside recycling at this time. That vote was met with different opinions from the audience, some who were clearly disappointed that they wouldn’t be offered the curbside option.

Each item was approved with unanimous votes from all five commissioners. Commissioner Katee McClure commented, “The basic increase for residents will be between $20 and $25, which is doable for most.”


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