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August 11, 2017

Join park staff on Monday, August 21st to witness a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse is known as the Great American Solar Eclipse because it will be visible throughout the contiguous United States.

While Chaco Culture NHP is not in the path of the total solar eclipse, visitors will be able to view an eclipse of 75% of the Sun. Chaco Culture NHP is a unique location to view this historic eclipse because of the history of astronomy in the canyon. The Chacoan people had a tradition of watching the sky and marking the sun’s movements. There is even a petroglyph, known as Piedra del Sol, that many people believe depicts the total solar eclipse of AD 1097.

The eclipse will begin at 10:18am, reach its maximum point at 11:41am and will end at 1:10pm.

Activities will be located at the Visitor Center and will include short talks at Piedra del Sol, safe viewing through solar telescopes, hands on activities and a live feed of the total eclipse will be available. Safe solar viewers will be provided while supplies last.

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