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August 11, 2017

An older sister and I got into a very strong tiff a while ago (her fault). We were at a family reunion in mid-Tennessee. I returned home to New Mexico and forgot about it until she called me on the phone. Another great argument (hers mostly). I hung up on her!

I started thinking that one of us should apologize, but it wasn’t me. A few days later, I thought the same thing, and several times more for a few weeks. The same answer was always “not me.”

I finally made my mind to think differently. Maybe I should be the one to apologize, but not being able to talk to other people about personal matters I could not call her.

I started thinking how I could accomplish this. I slowly started thinking of words that I could say and over a months time, I wrote these words to a rhyme that I named “An Apology.”

An Apology

by David Allen

I owe you an apology,

One that is long past due.

It is something that I should have done,

But couldn’t bring myself to do.

The longer that I put it off

The easier it was to delay.

Every time I thought of it

Something else got in the way.

As I go through my daily life

I think of what I have done.

Because of my selfishness

My thoughts of you are on the run.

I need your forgiveness

To return you as my friend.

I also need your forgiveness

So my troubled heart can mend.

This is a heartfelt apology

From me to you.

So if you accept this apology

Just say - I do ... but wait!

If my memory serves me right

This apology should be coming from ... YOU!

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