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By Jessica Selph



August 4, 2017

Jessica Selph

The city supplies sandbags to help keep the water out of Lovers Lane homes when the rains come

Lover's Lane, one of the cutest areas in town, has had its recent share of water woes and unfortunately things aren't getting any better. It's a battle between Mother Nature in her rainy season and human engineering. Anything more than a few inches of rain water presents risk for multiple homes to begin flooding. There is nowhere productive for the water to go. It spills over into people's yards and then into their homes causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Countless hours spent planting and mowing all to be destroyed by one swift storm and a flooded yard.

Constructed in the early 1900s, there are many issues with the logistics of Lovers Lane. The street sits higher than many of the homes which seems to be an open invitation for traveling rainwater. The 400 block of the street rests just at the base of a steep grade that dumps so much it acts as a natural water slide and seems to have too few drainage areas. The City of Aztec's Public Works department has been working hard to find a fix however multiple attempts at diverting the water have failed. Many residents are fed up with the poor solutions to their situation and have become vocal about it. Homeowners have spoken with city council, attended meetings, presented their ideas and have even offered to be a part of the solution, yet still, the problem remains. The City of Aztec has provided sand bags to residents hit the hardest with flood water. The Public Works Department has gone through multiple projects and many tax payer dollars trying to divert the flooding, all ending with the same verdict. Attempt failed. Actually, the most recent fixer-upper has caused stormwater to flow to the north side of the street, directly toward the homes. While interviewing Russ Burbridge with the Public Works department, he reiterated the poor layout of the homes vs. street level but stated, "As far as I know, Lovers Lane is operating as it should be." He suggests that concerned citizens contact Aztec's Public Works Department if they feel there is still an issue. In the meantime Lovers Lane is still flooding with every evening's rain and the sandbags remain.

The people of Lover's Lane said they simply want to protect their investments. Flooding has ruined enough yards and basements and drained enough bank accounts. Zach and Kathryn Pettijohn, long time residents of the street, said, "We just want to find a solution that works for everybody. We want to protect our home." Here's to hoping that a real solution is in the works and that soon these residents will no longer have to worry when it rains.


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