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August 4, 2017

Lewis "Jim" Stouffer, with his girlfriend Rose Parker

On June 13, 2017 25-year Bloomfield resident Lewis 'Jim' Stouffer dropped his live-in girlfriend, Rose Parker off at work at a Bloomfield nursing home. Stouffer, a 51-year-old father of one, has not been seen or heard from since. According to Bloomfield Police Department Detective Jeremy Duran, nearly a month after Stouffer's disappearance, on July 5, his car, a red Honda, was recovered on an oil and gas access road off of Highway 575, the road to Navajo Dam.

"The car was observed there that Monday and I believe that was the third (of July). It was reported to the sheriff's office, and given how dry it was it's kinda hard to get a good grasp on how long that car had been there but it only appeared to have been there maybe since Friday (July first)." According to Duran the car has given up no physical evidence, "at this time" that will further the investigation. Duran said that to his knowledge, Stouffer was not an avid hiker or outdoorsman. When asked if he suspected possible foul-play, Duran said, "Unfortunately, at this point with the things that we do have, whether it's foul-play or not, you know he might turn up alright. It's not unheard of, but it's unusual." Duran said he has no knowledge that Stouffer has any history of mental illness or drug-use, "It's too early in the investigation yet to make any determination."

As far as what happens next; Duran said, "We've been looking basically into any other people that may have seen him, any use of the phone and so forth. We try to track time and establish a concrete history of who might have seen him here or there. We are currently trying to find video so we can absolutely show he was here at this time. And we will go from there."

According to Duran, Rose Parker reported Stouffer missing on or about June 19. When asked if Stouffer had a history of leaving the home without word Duran stated, "He has for a day-or-two but not for this length of time."

Kelly Everett is the Vice-President and Canine Specialist of the New Mexico Badlands Search and Rescue Team. On July 11, Everett and a team of two dogs and five search and rescue team members spent three hours scouring the area surrounding the location where Stouffer's vehicle was recovered, "We were contacted by the state police and we conducted an immediate area search. When they call us this far along, given the statistics, we thought this could be a possible suicide." For Everett the fact that this scenario did not prove true is nonetheless difficult, "It's very important for people to have closure. Imagine going to bed at night and not knowing where your loved one is - dead is awful, horrible, but missing is worse."

Jim Stouffer is one of 11 children (now adults) originally from Buffalo, NY.

Edmund Sinnott of Durham, North Carolina, described his brother Jim as a loving father and sports fan. "He's a big Buffalo Bills fan of course." According to Sinnott, Stouffer enjoys nature which is why he moved to New Mexico. Sinnott admits that given the time that has passed it is increasingly difficult to remain optimistic about a positive outcome to the investigation. Sinnott plans to travel to Aztec next week to assist in ongoing search efforts. On behalf of the entire family, Sitton wanted to express his deep gratitude to the community for the outpouring of concern and support during this difficult time.


Reader Comments

KPISC writes:

Rose I am interested in helping you find him please email me [email protected]

Nevadamama13 writes:

We have been friends a long time. He is in my prayers as well as the family. Rose get a hold of me. You know where.Sierra

Lisa writes:

As Lewis's sister, I want to thank you for running this story. Jim is loved and missed by so many. Hopefully this will help us find him!

EdSinnott writes:

Thank you for the article on our brother. The family does want to thank everyone, especially the Bloomfield Police Department's Detective Duran and the Badlands Search and Rescue team led by Kelly. One note, Jim is from a family of 12, and his 11 brothers and sister's would like everyone to know we are putting up a reward for information directly leading to finding him. Regards,


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