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August 4, 2017

Dorothy Nobis

Sophia Colena

With just a few weeks before school starts, the Bloomfield Aquatic Center was full of students enjoying the cool by the pool this week. Some of them were more than willing to share their thoughts on a new school year.

Sophia Colena, 12, will be a seventh grader at Heights Middle School in Farmington. "I'm excited about starting seventh grade and being in the accelerated math program," Sophia said. "I really like math and being challenged." The downside of going back to school for Sophia – "I don't really like testing very much."

Meredith Johnson is 10 and will also be a fifth grader at Country Club Elementary. "I am excited about music," Meredith said. "Music is something I like and there's always something new you can learn." The downside of going back to school for Meredith – "Sometimes, the cafeteria food isn't the best," she said.

Aiden Colman, 8, will be in the third grade. Aiden spends half his classroom time being home schooled and half in public school. "I'm excited about being half time home schooled," Aiden said, "because I really don't like school. I don't like the tests and I'd rather play."

Burke Allen is seven and a half, and will be in the second grade at Country Club Elementary. "I like school," Burke said, "I just don't like the teachers."

Ten-year-old Brett Allen will join Eliot and Meredith in the fifth grade at Country Club Elementary. "I'm excited about PE," Brett said, "because I like running laps and playing games." Not his favorite thing about school – tests.

Eliot Ming, 11, will be a fifth grader at Country Club Elementary in Farmington. "I'm excited about my new teachers and seeing what's new (in the classroom) this year." Eliot isn't crazy about testing either, he said.

Five-year-old Blake Allen will be in kindergarten this year at Country Club Elementary. She's looking forward to being in school because "then I'll be six." And one thing she doesn't like? "Cats. I'm afraid of cats," she said.

Dorothy Nobis

Meredith Johnson


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