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(Re: missing person, Lewis G. Stouffer)

Thank you so very much. We have not had any significant information change, but have definitely seen an out pouring of concerned people that want to, and have offered to help. One of your readers actually contacted me, and volunteered her time yesterday to ride her horse around the desert near the oil field the car was found at on Navajo Dam Road. When you see so many ugly things in the world, it is nice to see there are plenty of good people still out there. Your article also was viewed by one of the K9 Search and Rescue team members who reached out just to offer help with flyers etc... So yes, you are helping in a very big way - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jim has 11 brothers and sisters spread throughout the country, and all of them are so very appreciative! Thank you again, and yes, I will contact you immediately if we learn anything that will help.


Ed Sinnott


Dear Mr. Sykes,

Just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate your current iterations of the TALON! Definitely the best in the area! Human interest, information, help articles, you are a good person and your work proves it! Put collection cans in the racks - let their conscience be their guide. Just a thought, I wanted to enclose a contribution (monetary) but thought you might be offended?


Jim Bachar, Aztec


Dear Editor,

Since the media and some newspapers think “We The People” love to hear about hate, I though you would like to print my letter.

Hate is a destructible emotion. It darkens the Soul, poisons the mind, brings pain and suffering to the body.

Love is the Divine soul of the highest attribute of the human soul. It is the dynamic principle of life itself.

Love is the most powerful spiritual force in the World.

Verda Rees, Aztec


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