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By Jacque Ritchie


Robyn Roe first female SWAT Operator for Sheriff's Dept.


San Juan County Deputy Robyn Roe recently made history by becoming SJCSO's first female SWAT Operator. Originally from Albert Lee, Minnesota, 24-year-old Roe is a United States National Guard veteran. So far, Roe has served six years as a Motor Transportation Operator, including one deployment to Afghanistan. Deputy and soldier Roe has re-enlisted for another six year stint. According to a SJCSO media release Roe, "has made the commitment to dedicate her life to public safety and we are extremely proud to have her on our team."

In a telephone interview with the TALON, Roe said about being SJCSO's first female SWAT Operator, "It's definitely rewarding but I couldn't have done it without all the support from the department, especially just moving down here and not knowing anybody. The sheriff's office is like a big ol' family to me, I love it down here." Roe feels that her training introduced her to SJCSO department members so she was well received when she joined. "I started training with the SWAT team just voluntarily ... I put in almost 120 hours of volunteer time, then I had to wait until I was off probation before I could assess for the team. So I kind of grew the relationship with the team ... not just with SWAT training but going call-to-call with them on the street."

As far as the physical challenges of training for police and SWAT positions Roe said, "I've always been in pretty good physical shape and I was in the military and stuff too, so I kinda grew into the training." Roe said that being away from her family during her training and deployment was difficult. "It's kind of a love-hate relationship where it takes you away from your family but it's something you grow to love as well ... I would go back overseas in a heartbeat. There's a team atmosphere and camaraderie where you embrace situations that most people don't and you can relate to them on another level."

The attention she has received for her accomplishments is difficult for Roe to understand, "Everybody says I should be real proud of this and all, but for me, it's always about what's next. Once I accomplish one thing then I have to accomplish another thing. It's a never-ending battle with myself of where life's gonna take me."

On advice to a young person thinking of entering the field Roe said, "It doesn't matter what lifestyle you've come from or what's happened in your past, where you are at today and what you do now is going to determine your future."


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