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By Debbie Israel


July 25, 2017


Aztec City Commissioners met on July 25, where they heard a presentation by Steven Saavedra, Community Development Director. Saavedra brought before the commissioners an ordinance that pertains to shipping cargo containers and their use in our community. The ordinance would establish restrictions and permit requirements for the use of shipping cargo containers in residential, commercial and industrial zones for storage. The containers would be allowed on industrial lots (zoned (M1, M2, PUD), provided they are screened from public view. The containers would be limited to temporary storage purposes in commercial zones (C1, C2), and would need to be placed in a non-conspicuous area, screened from public view and no adversely affecting parking. No shipping containers would be allowed in residential districts (R1, R2), offices or professional spaces (O1), or mobile home and RV parks (RV). Agricultural lots zones A1 would be allowed one container for storage purposes on lots larger than one acre. The screening would still be a provision.

Commissioners also approved the FY 2018 annual budget with a 5-0 vote; and approved requests for funding from community entities for FY 2018. Three entities in Aztec had previously applied for funds from the city. The decision to approve, and the amounts, were delayed as commissioners felt the need to approve the FY 2018 budget first. Commissioners voted unanimously to provide $680 to the Aztec Ruins for funding ten speakers (lecturers) over the course of the year. The funds would pay for one night of local lodging for each presenter. The Aztec Boys and Girls Club will receive $25,000 to support activities, staffing and materials. The club’s annual fund raisers have fallen short of their monetary needs. The Aztec Museum will receive $10,000 which will be used for staffing purposes.

The final vote of the evening was for the question of whether or not commissioners should be required to approve individual travel requests throughout the year. Commissioner Katee McClure felt that, for transparency reasons, commissioners should still be required to approve the travel requests. Mayor Sally Burbridge felt that the travel requests, being included in the annual budget of each department, should not need commission approval, but that the department heads include travel and training information in their monthly department reports. The issue ended in a 4-1 vote in favor of amending the travel policy so that commissioners won’t approve the individual requests. Commissioner McClure held the opposing vote.


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