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By Jacque Ritchie


The Buzz on Bugs This Summer


Jacque Ritchie

Cheryl Townsend-Woods

Cheryl Townsend-Woods, Townsend Farm: The grasshoppers are insane! Much worse than last year ... they're eating everything. We don't use pesticides so it's a challenge.

Jacque Ritchie


Jazlynn: I like lady bugs because they are good luck!

Ralph Sr. and Troy Jaramillo, Jarpa Farms, Troy: Lady bugs are cool because they are small and red.

Cinda Jones, Jones Honey Farm: The beesare a little slow because of the heat but the they are doing ok. Put them near a good source of food and they'll be alright

Wendy Walker: Udder Indulgence: Right now, flies are my least favorite where we live with the goats. My favorite insects are butterflies and lady bugs.

Jacob Baron, Udder Indulgence: My favorite bug is NO bug! I don't like any bugs!

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