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While public libraries are no longer the "go to" place to find reference material, they remain an integral and important part of every community.

The research aspect of a public library may be a lower priority for users of libraries, but the importance of a sanctuary full of books that offer information and stories, as well as public access to computers, keeps the doors open for most public libraries.

The Voices for the Library website states that "The National Literacy Trust says that children who go to a library are twice as likely as those who don't, to read well. It is not just picking up a book. It is the social experience of reading, talking about the books, browsing, comparing what you have read with family and friends."

The website also states that new mothers and their children find the library the perfect place for story times and sharing new books together.

The Bloomfield Public Library offers fun events for kids all year round, and residents of all ages take advantage of the computers offered free of charge. With a dedicated staff that loves the library and the people it serves, the Bloomfield Library is a place where people gather to check out the latest best seller, apply for jobs online, make new friends and enjoy the benefits of library usage.

A Library Board helps govern the library, and there is currently an opening on the board. The Library Board oversees the operation and the maintenance of the library and provides recommendations to the Bloomfield City Council on issues of importance to the library. Current board members include Virginia Burgess, who acts as chairman of the board; James Akley, vice chairman; Timothy Conyers, secretary, and Kristi Phillips, a member. Lindsay Sanders has resigned from the board because she and her family are moving.

"Lyndsey brought to the board a pleasant smile and a positive attitude," said Bloomfield Librarian Peggy Loyd. "The library community will miss her and her family and we wish them success and joy in their new endeavor."

The board meets on a bi-monthly basis. Board members serve four year terms as advocates for the library and members must live within the Bloomfield planning and platting jurisdiction. Members are appointed by the mayor and approved by the Bloomfield City Council.

"I've always allowed the board to submit their recommendations for appointment to me," said Bloomfield Mayor Scott Eckstein. "I believe it works better that way and is less political. It also gives the board the opportunity to interview potential members, decide for themselves who they feel would be the best fit, then submit that person's name to me."

"Public libraries are important for the continuing education of, not just our young people, but for everyone who wants to know and grow," Eckstein added. "I'm thankful for those who have the time and the interest in serving on the board. Their involvement makes Bloomfield a better community."

Terms are for four years and the positions are unpaid. If anyone is interested in serving on the board, they may contact Peggy Loyd at [email protected] or call 505-632-8315


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