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The Tendency of Decision Part 2


The Tendency of Decision, Part II

Last column I talked about how our relationships reflect the decisions you have made about relationships. And I listed 10 of them that guide us in our lives.

Did you find the ones that you carry around inside of you?

Let’s continue now by letting you know that your relationships become Personal Laws and Command Statements.

A Personal Law is a thought that appears so strongly in your reality that it is perceived as an absolute; as “That’s just the way it is” and as being unchangeable.

For example, some years ago I was teaching a personal power class to 8th graders and as I handed out paperwork one young lady had a t-shirt on that said “Men Lie.”

I told her that was not true, but to her it was.

Personal Laws (Tendency of Attraction) are like magnets that attract certain kinds of people and situations into your life that are consistent with the Personal Law. As in the example with the young lady, what kind of men will she attract as she grows up? Men that lie, and even if they don’t lie, to her they do. And so of course, her heart will be closed to men.

In relationships these Personal Laws often become Command Statements.

A Command Statement is a thought that tells other people how to treat you. Command Statements work at an invisible, energetic level.


Men/Women leave me. | Men/Women, leave me!

People let me down. | People, let me down!

People hurt me.| People, hurt me!

People don’t give me what I want.| People, don’t give me what I want!

The way you subconsciously think and feel about yourself determines the way other people respond to you. What are your Command Statements? The way to change your reality is to change your thoughts and beliefs. Remember, they create your reality, not the other way around.

I am here to help you change them. Call me or write me to set up a session to start working on them. Practice these tips or ideas in your relationships and we will continue in a future issue.

Blessings, Rev George

Rev George is the Minister of Fellowship of Spirit in Farmington. He is also the creator and facilitator of The Family Living System, a system of proven, effective tools and techniques that help participants learn to BE whom they need to BE to have the relationships they desire and deserve to have in their lives.

Ask the Rev, - Send your relationship concerns and questions to Reverend George at [email protected]


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