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This letter is regarding a blurb that was posted in the Talon on July 7, 2017 in The Locals Sound Off section. My words were misconstrued to seem negative with focus being cast specifically toward the oil field industry. My comments were generalized for the most part, with specific focus drawn to a truck that was trundling its way down Main street in the middle of the conversation. This truck happened to be a dual tanker oil field semi truck. These semi trucks are quite large and make a lot of noise as they travel through our little town. Aztec is a wonderful town full of history and culture. The oil field industry has helped to build and support many smaller towns in our area, and we need them. However, we do not necessarily need them traveling a hundred times a day right through the historic downtown area. As a small business owner, we depend on the industry around us to grow. It was never my intention to single out the oil field industry as “the problem.” It is my opinion that these hard working men and women bring so very much to our community.

I do not love the many large trucks that lumber past the shop each day interrupting phone calls and other business transactions with their noise. The historic buildings many of our local small businesses are located in are also affected by the vibrations that these large truck inherently cause as they pass. These men and women are forced right down Main St, because there is no alternate or bypass for them to use. Perhaps a bypass would divert a small amount of tourist traffic, but it could also help preserve Aztec for generations to come.


Susan Aguirre

Lil’ Aztec Flower Shop


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