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After last week’s TALON went to press I received more information from San Juan County Solid Waste Manager, Rusty Smith, regarding current recycling policies.

According to Smith, all transfer/convenience stations have Single Stream Recycling bins.

The transfer stations all accept appliances at no-charge. “The only condition is we ask people to remove the door of larger appliances such as refrigerators and freezers so there is no possibility of a child becoming trapped inside them. We have technicians trained and certified to remove the refrigerant from those items that contain it so they are safe to recycle.” Note: This is a correction to the last week’s article.

Smith also said the county has looked at the possibility and cost/benefit factors of having a glass recycling bin at the convenience stations, but at this time, it would be cost prohibitive to set up. “It requires separate bins from the Single Stream materials and it must also be kept separated, clear glass from colored glass. Our trucks will only handle the larger Single Stream style dumpsters, and glass is usually handled with smaller bins, so we would have to have at least 2 of the trucks to handle those bins. There is also not much in the way of a market to get rid of the glass from here.”

Waste Management is having the same issues with what they are accepting now.

Recycle! It makes a cleaner, better world!


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