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By Jessica Selph



Jessica Selph

It may seem late in the season to read an article about planting and gardening but this is more of a story about a man who has a way with plants and people, all living things really. His name is Tony Brady, a kind and friendly man who was born in California 65 years or "many moons ago" as he said during a tour of his home garden just outside of Aztec.

Tony was moved, along with his family, to Roswell at a young age. From there on out it was the farm life for the Bradys. Tony comes from a well endowed family of eleven. Mom and Pop, seven strapping boys to plow the fields, plant the garden, milk the cows, feed pigs and rabbits and goats. There was also two young ladies that watered and harvested the garden, collected eggs, cooked, cleaned, sewed clothing and made quilts. The quintessential American family farm.

It seemed only natural that when Tony moved to Northwest New Mexico he would bring his love of gardening and all living things along with him. Tony's home garden is quaint, ever expanding, and quite unique. What first catches your eye is a large yellow truck bed filled with twelve to fifteen green and happy tomato plants. Behind that is a gated ground garden filled with rows of corn, squash, more tomatoes, chili peppers, all surrounded by a border of garlic to keep pests away, and there is the addition of four truck beds this year. These are flourishing with carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, a little more squash and one bed reserved for mulch and compost.

Tony is proud of his community of garden beds. One bed is even complete with a headboard and a footboard. It's like a path of love that he follows and brings forth life from his plants, or his babies, as he would say. Yes, Tony treats his plants as babies. He nurtures them and talks to them, he pets them. All while speaking forth words of love and encouragement like "yeah babies, that's a baby, oh look at you." That may seem like an odd approach but it's working quite well for Tony. He describes his plants as living things. "Show them attention and they thrive. It's all about the love." He even plays music for them. He says "Oh it makes them dance, they love it and it keeps the deer out of there."

The music, the love and the attention also seems to bring ailing plants back to life. After our last late freeze, Tony's entire truck bed of tomatoes died, or so he thought. Two weeks time passed and new shoots of tomato, tender green leaves, began to sprout from the soil. They were tiny and weak but they were back. Tony lovingly encouraged and nurtured every single one of the stricken tomato plants back to life. Every plant, and it took work and much attention.

Jessica Selph

Tony looks back on the process, saying "I babied them tomatoes though, I was out with the plants five to nine times a day, dancing with 'em and petting 'em and talking to 'em." He also fertized the soil with orange peels for nutrition. I am happy to report that they are now doing splendidly. Tall, sturdy plants fragrant with flowers and many small buds. It's going to be a great season.

The best part about this tour with Mr. Tony Brady was definitely the love. I think he's right. It's all about the love. As with anything in this life, "show em attention and they thrive." Whether it be your plants, your children or spouse, your career or your faith, give them love.

It is so ingrained in Tony to give that he hands out his bountiful harvest to just about anybody and everybody. Stop by on a day he and his wife are hosting a yard sale, you won't regret it. Tony says, "People love me and it makes me feel good!" So if you happen to see him walking and handing out peace signs, you are welcome to honk, wave, hug or simply throw the love back his way.

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