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Aztec Ruins


This week’s Lecture Series at the Aztec Ruins will be “Times They Are A Changing: Using Pottery Styles and GIS to Examine Time and Space at the Aztec Great Houses and Community Sites.”

In 2005, archaeologists at the Ruins conducted a survey to identify all of the archaeological sites within the monument boundary. Aztec Ruins archaeologists, Lori Stephens Reed and Brian Halstead coordinated the research. Using pottery design styles which have known manufacturing dates, they were able to examine the temporal and spatial relationships among the Aztec great houses and the surrounding community sites. In this presentation, discussion will cover the dating of archaeological sites via pottery styles, generating maps using a GIS to look at the spatial relationships, and interpreting the results of the study. Reed will elaborate on their analysis that identified some interesting spatial relationships showing how the great house community was established around AD 1070 and developed into an extensive and well-planned cultural landscape until about AD 1300.

The talk takes place on Friday, July 14 in the Aztec Ruins Visitor Center; please note that the talk begins at 6:30 pm rather than the usual 7:00

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