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Jacque Ritchie

Casey Martin

Casey Martin - Figi is the place for me ... surfin', scuba, eating seafood on the beach, mai tai & pina coladas for ever!

Jacque Ritchie

Susie Yokum

Susie Yokum - On a beach in the sand with Coronas and crab. Somewhere where marijuana is legal, like Micronesia.

Rocker Rich Mead - Somewhere in Cali or Hawaii where its 75 degrees constant. I'd have to take her or I'd be in the doghouse! We'd have beer every day!

Katie Yokum - Some exotic city in the south of France with cobblestones, with my sister and my daughter. We'd get down in the mix with the locals!

Dwayne Davis - I'd go to Antartica. I'd ride the ice breaker ... you know, while there's still ice!

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