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By Jessica Selph


Farmington Frackers entertain baseball fans


Jessica Selph

Farmington's Frackers Baseball Team

Do you ever think of the good old days? Days that turned into summer nights at the baseball field? Maybe you have memories of catching a foul ball to use for team autographs after the game or maybe you've waited impatiently for your favorite man to batter-up. No childhood should be complete without at least one evening spent watching America's favorite past-time.

Now you can find that 'good old days' atmosphere at Ricketts Park in Farmington, where the Farmington Frackers, our area's first collegiate baseball league, will likely be offering a great game to watch. You can expect to hear the iconic jingle of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" playing over the PA system and you're sure to hear the crack of a bat as it connects with its intended target. Choose a batter and dance to his music intro, believe me, I already have a favorite. Between innings watch for Junior Frackers to entertain on the field. Buy yourself some peanuts. There may not be Cracker Jacks but there's some amazing cinnamon popcorn and a taco plate that tastes like it came straight from grandma's kitchen. The Frackers website, frackerbaseball.com, puts it like this: "The Frackers offer baseball-crazed Farmington yet another showcase of baseball talent a step up from the already elite Connie Mack World Series that comes to town every August." There you have it folks, summer entertainment for the whole family. Ticket prices are only $6 for general admission and $10 for box seats.

Now let's meet the team.

Jessica Selph

The Frackers play ball!

The Fracker's coaching staff is comprised of head coach Jared Holley, pitching coach Alex DeAngelis, first base coach Brycen Campbell and Shilo McCall, who helps with hitting. These coaches opted to hand select 28 players from various colleges around the U.S., awarding a personal invitation to each chosen team member. That's right, invitation only, so these boys have skill. So much skill in fact that they remain undefeated with a 12 and 0 season record. Each week offers a six game mini-series beginning Thursday and ending Sunday with double headers scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Every game is a home game and every week presents a new opponent. When asked if there is an advantage to playing on their home field, head coach Holley says, "Oh absolutely. We love when the fans get behind us. We play for the fans and we play for the city of Farmington." In a game that holds tight to superstition and traditions of luck, the Frackers will take any advantage they can get.


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