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By Jessica Selph


At Riverside Park


Jessica Selph

David Williams of The Mission Continues (center), works with volunteers to rebuild the dugouts at the softball field in Riverside Park

Have you been wondering how the softball fields are looking now that the volunteer group, The Mission Continues, has cleaned them up? Well guess no more. The project is complete and many thanks are in order. Saturday, June 9th was the last day for the project, putting volunteer time at an accumulative 80 hours.

Community member David Williams, who heads up The Mission Continues, brought with him a spark of energy and excitement for the final steps to be complete. The big goal for the day? Demo the old dugouts and replace them with all new pressed wood benches, fencing and pro-panel roofing, donated by the team from San Juan Regional Medical Center and San Juan Health Partners. It was a group effort but volunteers from SJRMC did most of the heavy lifting.

Jessica Selph

Clint Dollar and Dyllon Whitaker became fast friends while volunteering at the softball field

Midday through the project I was able to witness a touching moment that had David remarking what this mission is really about. He points to two gentlemen across the field, leisurely securing the new wire fence to their posts, one older, one younger. "This is exactly what I wanted to see. Some old vet coming out here to teach the younger generation how to do something." said David. That "old vet" is Clint Dollar, Commander of American Legion Post 9, who served in Vietnam and the young kid is 15 year old Dyllon Whitaker. Dillon says, "This guy has some pretty cool stories." This is Clint's first time volunteering with The Mission Continues, but the connection made between him and Williams makes it certain that it will not be his last. Both men have served our country well and both continue to do so with this project. The field's official name will be The Bronson Family McDonald's Field, named after its principal donors.


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