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YOU can be a superhero! The kids of Aztec Boys & Girls Club need you to save the day!

Aztec Boys & Girls Club has been doing Harley raffles for 18 years. It has been a good fund raiser, supporting kids programming for almost half of the Club’s history. However, this year the raffle just wasn’t that productive, and worse, local funding sources have been drying up due to a slow oil & gas based economy. Meanwhile, the Club has grown by 25%!

Now we need the help of our friends, the good folks who have bought tickets from across the country, as well as those who have kids on their block attending the Club. Do you support making kids good citizens? Do you support young people who get out and run and learn about fair play, instead of playing computer games all day? Do you support education when nearly 1/3 of area kids won’t finish high school? If you do, we need your help!

People are good, and in our time of need one friend stepped forward to help! As a result, we can do something good for all of those willing to help us! Normally, when we do our raffles, we have to pay for the bikes, but thanks to a generous donation from Sam and Laurie Henry with Henry Production, Inc. of Farmington, we have a Sportster SuperLow 1200T, brand new and paid for! Because we have this bike, and we need to raise money fast, we are offering a motorcycle drawing WITH CASH INCENTIVES!

Have I got your attention yet? Starting June 14 at 9 AM MST, we will be selling tickets for $50 each, or five tickets for $200. Every 200 tickets we sell, we will give one lucky ticket holder $1000! Ticket sales will continue for just two weeks, until noon on June 28th. At that point, someone will win the brand new bike. Maybe it will be someone who won cash! The more tickets we sell, the more prizes we will give away, and all the proceeds go to help our Club, the kids of the community, at a time when we are in need.

In order to save money, there will be no paper tickets, no printing expenses, no advertising, no big event at the end. All proceeds will either go to support the kids, or go to the winners! Ticket sales will all be through our website at http://www.aztecbg-club.com. This is unlike our raffles in the past. The kids, the programming, need your help now. The odds are also better than ever! Can you be a superhero? Save the day, buy a ticket!


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