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The Tendency of Decision, Part III


The Tendency of Decision, Part I

Last column we talked about how our choices, actions and results will either reflect the splendor of our Higher Self, or the littleness of our ego fear thoughts.

Ultimately, the results we experience in our lives will be consistent with our choices. That is why I tell my clients to always look at what is happening around you, especially in their primary relationship, as a mirror reflection of your thoughts and emotions.

I also gave you a list of Higher Self (LOVE) beliefs and Altered Ego (FEAR) beliefs. Today, I will continue with the Tendency of Decisions and its effects.

A. HIGHER SELF is motivated by LOVE. Altered Ego is motivated by Fear.

B. Events are not the problem—decisions are.

I also tell my clients I don’t pay a lot of attention to any situation or event that you may complain about. But how to look deeper behind them and see what decision you had about yourself that helped co-create the situation

Your mind does one of two things: It either draws in evidence to support the conclusion.

(IF I think I am poor, I attract circumstances to support that); or it changes decisions (To be prosperous I have to have that equivalent thought).

C. Your relationships reflect the decisions (thoughts) that you have made about relationships.

Example and common decisions:

1. I can’t get what I want.

2. Love hurts.

3. Someone always has to sacrifice or compromise.

4. Men/Women leave me.

5. People let me down

6. People can't be trusted.

7. People hurt me. I hurt people.

8. My mate (or other) is the source of my happiness and/or pain.

9. Sex complicates relationships.

10. People love me for what I do, not who I am.

Now you need to understand those are just thoughts, but they become powerful in our lives. These and others are thoughts from ego fear and the work is to change them to HIGHER SELF-LOVE. Look those ten over and see if you are experiencing any of them. If so, know it is possible to change them to Love thoughts and that is the work I do. Call me or write me to set up a session to start working on them.

Practice these tips or ideas in your relationships and we will continue in two weeks.

Blessings, Rev George

Rev George is the Minister of Fellowship of Spirit in Farmington. He is also the creator and facilitator of The Family Living System, a system of proven, effective tools and techniques that help participants learn to BE who they need to BE to have the relationships they desire and deserve to have in their lives.

Ask the Rev - Send your relationship concerns and questions to Rev. George at [email protected] and you may be selected for a feature in the Relationship Matters column. Or I will reply to you via mail


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