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Strides Against Suicide


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Balloons were released in memory of Thaddeus Hal, at the 2nd annual Love for Thad 5K Event

Love For Thad - Strides against suicide

by Debbie Israel, TALON

Suicide is a hard subject to discuss, but the fact is that suicide has touched almost every person, in one way or another, and it's a subject that needs to be talked about.

On June 10, a large group of people met at Berg Park to remember Thaddeus Hale, a young man who took his own life two and a half years ago. The Love for Thad 5K brought together over one hundred people who walked, ran, and bicycled the course.

Amber Hale, mother of Thad, told the crowd before the race, "It has been 2.5 years since Thad passed away. We have celebrated three birthdays, three Thanksgivings, three Christmases and two to three of every other holiday. It's crazy how much different holidays are without him. Though they may not have seemed significant at the time, every holiday is a reminder of the moments we had and the moments we won't have."

Amber told of memories and new traditions, and how she misses her son. "We live for him," she said. "We remember him. We say his name often. We wish he was with us and because of this we fight to keep it from happening to another person, another family." She also reminds us that "We've got to be willing to talk about the problem in order to fix the problem."

That fight to keep suicide out of other families is the reason the Love for Thad 5K is held. Last year, there were almost 150 participants, this year a few less than that. A goal of $20,000 was met this year, and according to Amber, money is still trickling in. All the proceeds from the walk/run go to a grant that helps pay for counseling for people who may need to know that the world would not be a better place without them.

"This year, Desert View Counseling saw 101 students and 37 adults in a crisis counseling spot," she said. One hundred thirty eight people in our community were able to talk with a counselor at no cost to them, thanks to the money raised in memory of Thad. Desert View also used those funds to speak at schools and provide suicide prevention training.

If someone is in a crisis situation, Love For Thad provides funds to help ... if there is no money available or no insurance, this grant pays for counseling.

There have been ten suicides in Durango this year, and at least five in Aztec. Amber says that people at risk of suicide aren't going to reach out. "People who are depressed and sad don't have the energy to seek you out. They aren't going to show up at your door. They aren't going to seek out comfort. They are afraid that they will be met with rejection." She reminds us that we need to reach out to those people, go to them, "GO TO THEM!"

If you would like to help out by donating to Love For Thad, a link is available at wwwmydesertview.org.


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