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Fry bread stand with tailgate support

Farmington Growers Market opened Saturday, June 10th, on a bright and breezy day. It was a sea of wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses on this beautiful day and attendees, about 800 of them, workers and growers alike were enthusiastic and happy for sunshine. The vendors were diverse. I saw more vegetables than fruit. As it turns out, if you want strawberries, get there early. Bridgewater Farms had an impressive showing of hearty kale and some of the biggest cabbage I've ever seen. The more delicate delights, spring onions and squash blossoms, were the first to go. Again, get there early. Recently, I've used all of these, the cabbage and kale, wilted, chopped and tossed in Caesar dressing is fantastic. Spring onions on the grill, and squash blossoms, coated in a gluten-free batter, using garbanzo and almond flours with a little potato starch, egg and water then pan frying in as little oil as possible, and finished with Maldon Salt Flakes. (Safeway) An elegant appetizer.

There were plants for getting your own garden started if you're running behind, wool products, painted gourds, two frybread stands, hustling kindness as a charitable act, and breakfast from Farmington Municipal Schools. This was my favorite.

This is a great program. Kids and teens can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner free, Monday through Friday at 12 different locations in Farmington. FMS and the A'Viands, a corporate food hosting team, will also be at the Farmington Growers Market serving breakfast every Saturday, from 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. through August 5th. They will be serving lunch, Saturdays from noon until 2:00 p.m. at Berg Park through August 5th. Adults are offered breakfast for $2.25 and Lunch/Dinner for $3.50.

FMS in partnership with the USDA Hunger Program, the City of Farmington, and the National Recreation and Park Association "Healthy Out-of-School Time Grant," have formed this program to make up for the meals kids would have eaten during school. "Newton's Eat In Adventure" motto is Eat Well. Play Well. Live Well. The menus are wholesome and fun and feature 2-3 vegetables and fruit at each meal. There is nutrition information and June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month, (I thought that was EVERY month) so fresh berries and peppers are offered during mealtime.

For more information on locations and serving times, please call the USDA Hunger Program 866-348-6479. For questions and comments, please call Marie Yilla at 505-599-8629 or email her at [email protected] The list of locations can be found at district.fms.k12.nm.us.

Farmington Growers Market is held every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, at the Farmington Museum and Visitors Center. Beginning July 11th, a second weekly market will be held in the evening. TALON will be there to partake of its bounty as well.

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