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By Jessica Selph



Jessica Selph

this brand of bike has recently become a target for theft around town. For more information regarding stolen items, visit your local law enforcement agency or call non-emergency dispatch at 505-334-6622.

If you have ever purchased a bike for yourself or someone else, you know they can be pricey. The average cost of a bicycle is around one hundred dollars but a specialized bike can run eight hundred dollars or more. There have been recent reports of a bike theft ring in our community and a popular brand, FIT Bikes, have been at the top of the list for theft. These bikes are designed for tricks commonly seen in the BMX and skate park arena and come with a hefty price tag.

Many bikes have been reported stolen in the last few years, yet according to police reports only one bicycle has been recovered. It is rumored that the thieves disassemble these bikes for parts, then re-sell them as a custom bike making them extremely difficult to track. San Juan County Sheriff Deputy Kyle Lincoln, gives a few tips on how to protect your investment. He suggests that you secure your bike on a rack or with a lock even when parked at your home. This is the most common place for your bike to be stolen. One incident reported a bicycle stolen from an owners front porch while they were at home. Had the bike been secured, this theft might have been prevented. Next, keep a record of your bike's serial number. Every bike comes with a serial number on its frame, usually located under the pedals. This number not only helps with identifying your stolen item, it helps law enforcement track the "chop shop" process. Finally, report any theft or suspicious activity at sanjuancountycrimestoppers.com. You can even text an anonymous tip. Keep an eye on Internet sales sites but if you come across your stolen item contact the police. Don't take matters into your own hands.


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