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Interviews to fill vacant seat


The four sitting Aztec City Commissioners met on Monday, May 5, to interview people who had applied for the vacant commission position. Three people were originally scheduled for interviews, but one, Johnathan Dobbs, withdrew his application. Sheri Rogers and Diana Mesch were the only two left to interview. Each applicant was asked the same questions, and, even though the interviews were conducted in an open meeting, the person not being interviewed was asked to leave the room.

One question was, “If appointed to fill this seat, do you plan to run for re-election in March?” Rogers answered yes, and Mesch answered no. The follow-up question for Mesch was, “Why should we appoint someone who doesn’t have a long-term interest?” to which Mesch replied that she just wanted to get the city “over this hump” and that sometimes an outside opinion or voice needs to be heard.

Another question asked how involved the candidates felt the city should be in growing/assisting businesses, to which Mesch replied, “Government and business - Whoa!” She also said she didn’t realize that the city didn’t “own” the HUB building, and that the HUB was a good idea, but not right now.

Rogers’ reply to the same question was that the city’s involvement in growing businesses is very important in order to keep the community alive and thriving.

Answering the question about utility rate increases, and how to decide what is far for everyone, Rogers replied that she knows people who are on limited incomes, but “you have to make adjustments all the time. We have to raise rates to keep everything in working order ... rate adjustments are a fact of life.”

Mesch said she appreciated the city staff looking at different situations and family sizes to help estimate how much of an increase families might be looking at.

Both of the applicants agreed that term limits for commissioners was a good idea. They both felt that two terms (8 years) was a good limit, and that candidates should become eligible to run for re-election again after a four year break.

Commissioners may schedule a closed session to discuss the interviews at the next commission meeting, June 13, and then make an appointment to fill the position.


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