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J.R. Sykes

Elementary school is all about setting the foundation that will shape the rest of our lives. While this does include educational basis, it also sets the standard for interpersonal communications and interactions between ones' peers. Social skills, life skills, survival skills, all of these are learned while we are young. Lydia Rippey Elementary School in Aztec understands that not only are math and writing skills developed throughout this time in the student's life but others, as mentioned above. With this, Ione Randleman's first grade class got to tie in writing, fishing, learning, behavior, and many other traits on a "camping trip" to Riverside Park in Aztec on the 12th of May.

The trip idea initially started last school year. Randleman mostly had the same class both kindergarten and first grade. In kindergarten last year, the class had taken a fishing trip where the students were supplied with their own fishing poles which the students got to keep. After a full day of learning skills such as tying a fly fishing hook to species native to the fishing in New Mexico, the students begged Randleman to organize something similar for next school year, this year. That is exactly what she did.

J.R. Sykes

Thinking of an outdoor activity a bunch of first graders can do safely- and while staying entertained- must have been no easy feat. The project, once planned out, started with a campfire story. This story was an organized, four paragraph (three to five sentence per paragraph) story the first graders had to write to "earn the trip." For anyone familiar with a first graders work, that was difficult and impressive. Once the story was completed came the actual trip. Since most kids had their fishing poles from the previous year, many brought them along on the trip. This year, the first graders also received, foldable camping chairs. The students signed their fellow peers chair, it is a great memoir of the trip. The first graders arrived at Riverside around noon. They signed chairs, fished, and did activities until around 4:00pm. From there, the students' parents started showing up and the students started cooking hotdogs and marshmallows on a stick over a fire. This continued on until approximately 7:00p.m. Then the students got to take their possessions and head home. Randleman says this was a fantastic end to the students two years together, in addition to a great way to introduce advanced writing and other skills. Randleman also pointed out the parent involvement in the activities, and really adored that.

While learning to fish may not have helped the student's grammar skills, one can't deny it did have many other benefits. Between life skills such as learning to fish, to advanced writing which they will need for the rest of their lives, and the memories created in the seven hours at the park, these kids had a great end to their first grade year.


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