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Alicia Sanchez prepares her rocket for its maiden launch

According to Tom Ober, Park Ave. 5th grade science teacher, the Space X project changed the world, showing us that Astronauts need social skills like teamwork and collaboration as much as science skills.

Students in this class were provided a selection of standardized materials and a set of plans for construction of rocket projects and turned loose. Participants were required to work collaboratively to read and implement the project plans and materials with teacher guidance. "If it fail's, its a learning experience, and we can talk about how and why it failed, and how we may make it better next time," said Matt Territ, another teacher in the program.

Adam Markert the third teacher in the group had this to say: "Easily the most popular project all year!"

76 Park Ave. Fifth graders assembled at Hartman Park softball fields and prepared to launch their creations into space as part of their final 2017 science unit


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