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(From the Aztec Review, 1974)


Tip 1: To Reduce Gasoline Use

1. Figure out your current weekly gas expense.

2. Don’t drive two days a week. Take mass transit if it’s available. Or if you must drive, don’t go it alone. Set up a car pool. If you already have one, enlarge it.

3. Make sure your car’s in top mechanical shape. Have your engine tuned and re-tuned regularly.

4. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

5. Drive efficiently. Slow down. Cut sudden starts and stops. And, try not to idle for more than three minutes at a time.

6. Cut down on “family business trips” by consolidating lots of errands into one trip. Try to organize your stops so you won’t retrace your path as often.

7. When possible, use the phone to conduct family business.

8. If you are a two- car family, use the smaller car.

9. Instead of driving continually around the block to find a parking place, try walking those extra blocks.

10. When shopping, take your small and medium packages home with you. Home delivery is swell, but it’s a luxury these days. Delivery trucks use gasoline too.

Each thing you can do reduces your personal gasoline expense, lowers our national dependency on foreign energy, and increases your savings account. Win Win Win!

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