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If one goes to the dictionary and looks up the term "altruism," they would find the word described as: "unselfish concern for the welfare of others." The word epitomizes the code the Farmington Noonday Civitan Club has endeavored to emulate since being chartered 10 May 1958, fifty-nine years ago.

The Noonday Civitan Club is a member of Civitan International, which is composed of local service clubs dedicated to making the world a better place through acts of compassion and generosity for those who are in need. Who do the Civitan's assist? Their contributions are many as evidenced by the following examples: People with disabilities, both physical and developmental, the needy, and community projects and beautification.

Dale Ely, long term member and resident wit, recalled a project that occured in the 1980's whereby members of the club along with other assistance built a home for a lady in need from the ground up in one week.

Noonday Civitan's currently consists of 24 active members, led by Ms. Pam Brandebourg. Under her tenure during the past year (2016-2017) the club has participated in numerous community activities such as: Valentine's Day cupcake distribution to seniors homes; Renovations at New Beginnings; Recognition BBQ for all local area first responders; Participation in Daffodil Day Sales; Manning the kettles for the Salvation Army Christmas Fund Drive; Construction projects at the Sacramento, NM retreat camp; Highway cleanup; Erecting wheelchair ramps; and the Christmas lighting contest

The club is a rich diverse mix of very unique individuals and come from all walks of life. The club is composed of former and current businessmen and women, educators, religious leaders, former military officers, energy employees, civil servants and the field of law. Each one brings a perspective to the club which allows for the sharing of ideas and experiences and the betterment of the organization.

It is a club that is welcoming and open to all segments of the community and all are invited to join where bon homie is embraced and good cheer is enjoyed by all.

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