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Local Artist Featured in Fine Art Mag

This fall, popular Aztec artist Tim Gordon will be featured in the Artists of New Mexico Magazine.


Jacque Ritchie

Tim Gordon with one of his paintings

This fall, popular Aztec artist Tim Gordon will be featured in the Artists of New Mexico Magazine; Inter Mountain Publishing.

A Vietnam Vet and Farmington native, Gordon was fascinated with art at an early age. While stationed in Vietnam, his First Sargent approached him with the idea to "spruce up the dining hall." With 'South Pacific' as the theme and a 16 foot wall to fill, Gordon's first mural was born. During his four year hitch he painted ten murals for the Air Force from Florida to Saigon.

In whatever vocation he pursued throughout his life, Gordon incorporated art into his job. "Before I retired I would generally paint on Saturdays and Sundays," he said. Since his retirement in 2014, Gordon's artwork has become a full-time endeavor. "I always wanted to be an artist. I enjoy creating but like anything else, the only way to get good at it is too practice."

Gordon's favorite medium is acrylic and watercolor, and he ascribes to the realism school of art but he refuses to be cubby-holed. Gordon will not be defined solely by his brilliant southwestern landscapes, he also paints people, animals and buildings, "Basically anything thats strikes my fancy."

The process Gordon often implements includes, combining photographs of different elements into a symbiotic piece. "I'm really a morning person so sometimes I'll work on an acrylic in the morning and head on out to the shop in the afternoon." The shop is where Gordon creates sculptures in ceramic, wood or metal. These original works run the gambit from recycled materials refashioned into functional works to whimsical figure studies in ceramic or brass.

Select pieces from Gordon's collection can be enjoyed at the Chili Pod in Farmington and the Aztec Restaurant or check out his booth at this years River Fest at Berg Park this week-end.

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