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Last Monday evening I sat through two hours of the Aztec City “workshop” regarding their proposed utility rate increases. The bottom line, as presented by the city’s adept (and costly) consulting firm, was that Aztec’s water and sewer rates would increase 10.5% per year (compounded annually) over the next 5 years. This eye-popping information was presented to the City Commissioners and the meeting was ram-rodded by Aztec’s illustrious City Manager, Josh Ray. To use my sports analogy, Mr. Ray essentially told the citizen attendees there that it’s my football, and I’m running it up your end zone. My response to that panel was – after the next election(s), all of the present Commissioners, and of course the City Manager, would be gone if anything like these rate increases are approved by the city.

Bill Freeman, Aztec, NM


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