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By Debbie Israel



Area senior centers are feeling the crunch of budgets cuts from the State of New Mexico, and have chosen to close the centers on two days during May. The Centers in Aztec, Bloomfield, Lower Valley and Blanco were closed on May 15, and will also be closed on May 26. The City of Farmington chose to help out with costs in order to keep the Bonnie Dallas Senior Center in Farmington open on those days.

According to Kathy Daddow, Executive Director at the Farmington office of the Northwest New Mexico Seniors, reimbursements from the state are running about a month later than normal. That delay in reimbursements has affected payroll and vendors who send groceries to the centers. “We pay in advance, and then we get reimbursed from the state,” she said.

Daddow said donations are also down this year, and even though they have a “suggested donation” of $3 per meal for those 60 and over, some people find it difficult to pay. “We can’t require them to pay,” she said, and they are served their meal. Most of the people who come to the centers are mobile and come to socialize while they enjoy their lunch, she said. The Meals on Wheels home delivery for homebound seniors has not been changed ... those people still get their meals delivered.

Daddow was also quick to praise San Juan County and CEO Kim Carpenter for helping with payroll when the funds didn’t arrive on time.

The five centers in our area have, so far this year, served 65,414 meals in the centers; and another 70,000 home deliveries.

Cindy Iacovetto, Director at the Senior Center in Aztec, said there is an option for community members to help out if so inclined. The centers have a “Take A Senior To Lunch” program where anyone can pay for a senior’s meal.


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