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By Debbie Israel


May 2


When the San Juan County Commissioners met on May 2, they voted to approve a resolution opposing two pieces of legislation that would require the county to raise taxes. Resolution 16-17-61 opposes any statute which would require that counties pay addition funds to the State to support state obligations, and also opposes the state eliminating distributions of food and medicine tax money collected.

Commissioners also voted to approve a resolution concerning holding people in the adult detention center for ICE, when they have no other reason to hold them. The new policy, which came about as the result of a lawsuit filed against the county, says that the county will not detail people while ICE investigates their legality. “If we don’t have a warrant or federal charges, and you’re eligible for release, then you will be released,” County Attorney Doug Echols said. The detention center has also posted signs that tell people that they don’t have to talk to ICE if they don’t want to. The lawsuit, which the county settled, claimed that 192 people had been detained unlawfully.

Other items approved by commissioners included:

A variance and replat for Robert Isbell for property located in the Desert Hills subdivision of the county;

A resolution supporting deep lease extension mining plan modifications for San Juan Mine, which will create jobs in the county;

A resolution for the finance department to separate operating expenses and payroll budgets;

And a resolution supporting the mutual termination of a business lease for property located in Shiprock. The county had leased the 1.5 acre site for 99 years in the hopes of adding fire safety services. The Shiprock Chapter plans to use the property for the same purpose, fire and safety services.


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